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April Already?!

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Jeez…..where did the last month go? You know how sometimes it just feels like time is going too quickly? You blink, and then it’s April and it’s SUNNY. Life runs away from you every now and again.

As I am sat here reading this, I’m having one of those rare evenings where I am alone. Daniel is away playing golf with his dad and my sister, her husband and baby Milo are away visiting family. It’s just me, the cat and a tub of mango sorbet. It’s quite nice to have some peace and quiet and some time to do bits that I want to do, but it’s also making me think about how quickly things are happening.


One week ago, we bought our new dresser for the kitchen (I’m still trying to work out how to display stuff – you know when you walk in those little vintage shops and they get it just right so it doesn’t look too done? Not quite there yet….). Loving out new beautiful chicken postcards!


Two weeks ago, we bought Gerty and Audrey home from the farm and I’m happy to report that our other chicken Elsie has stopped bullying her new housemates and they are all much happier about life, scratching about the garden. Only problem is the new chickens don’t get the whole “boundary of the garden” thing and quite often take themselves off down the road to meet the neighbours. Naughty chick chicks.



One month ago, I started my new job and I am really enjoying working again. It’s not a struggle on a Monday morning to get out of bed, and I no longer get that Sunday feeling of dread thinking about the week ahead. Fingers crossed it stays like that – although I have a good feeling about it. At the same time, we opened up our home to my sister, her husband, Milo and Tally (or Larry) the cat (she has two names – don’t ask me why). They are staying with us for a while whilst they sort out where they are going to live. How cute is this picture of them before Milo came along?


Six months ago, baby Milo joined the crazy world of our family. He’s such a happy chappy, always handing out his goofy gummy smile to anyone about. He’s started to make funny noises….like his own little language. He’s quite noisy with it and makes up giggle as he chats away about everything and anything.

Bunny ears

Two years ago, my wonderful husband and I got married – such a gorgeous day surrounded by friends and family. I wish I could do it all again. Well, actually, I wish I could do all the fun parts again – I wouldn’t want to go through all the stress of organising a home-grown wedding again! Someday we will probably re-new our vows and have a huge party – yeah!


Three years ago, we bought our beautiful home. We moved out of Brighton and never looked back. We are surrounded by some great neighbours and love having a large garden and the fields on our doorstep. Today as I spent some time in the garden, I had four or five different neighbours pop by to say hello. The postman came by with his dog, and talked for a while – we gave him some fresh eggs and then a family walking by stopped as their children asked if they could stroke the chickens. I went for a walk with a friend into the village with their dogs, and we met with another friend for a cuppa. The sun was out and today was a good day.


Three and a half years ago, we started to try for a baby. It’s not happened yet, but we live in hope. It’s hard that it’s taking so long, and there are days when I want to just give up – but fingers crossed.

Four and a half years ago, I met Daniel in a bar in Brighton. Within a month or so we moved in with each other and we both knew it was right. Sometimes I wonder “what if” I hadn’t walked into that bar that evening. The thought scares me. Daniel tells me not to be ridiculous, and that our paths would have crossed at another point. Failing that, he assures me he would have tracked me down.



Five years ago, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life and moved out of London, away from my job and friends, and to a new city, a new job and a new life. In actual fact, it wasn’t a decision I agonised over for very long. I felt like I’d had my time in London and that I wanted to be closer to my family. Within a short period of time, it went from an idea I had to a reality – living by the seaside. Not a day goes past when I wish I hasn’t moved. Sometimes you have to lean into the wind and just go with it – have some faith and it will carry you through.



I wonder what the next five years have in store for us?

Lucy’s Life x x




Author: Lucy

A girl who, with the man she loves, is trying to life a simple, balanced life full of love and laughter, friends and fun.

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