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I believe….good food = happiness

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If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a bit of a foodie. I’m that person that sits eating her supper, whilst simultaneously watching a cooking programme and reading a cookery book, talking to my husband about what to have for dinner tomorrow night. I can’t help it. My whole family is the same. ALL we talk about is food. Our cookbook collection is staggering. My guilty pleasure if a few hours sat going through some of the amazing food blogs out there (number one has to be Sprouted Kitchen with Cannelle et Vanille a close second…oh, but then there are also so many others I love!).

I’m also very conscious of the wider picture too when it comes to food. Where did it come from, how did it get here, how was it produced, how is it cooked, what does it provide my body with that I need? Give me a couple of days of eating junk food (which doesn’t happen often), and I feel awful. If I eat well, I sleep well, feel happier, more energised, more positive. Every cell in your body comes from the food we eat, and I believe that if I eat good quality fresh food, I’m a happier, more balanced person.


It’s one of the few areas in life that I am seriously passionate about – I’m glad that as a nation there is a movement back towards more locally grown proper food, incentives to get people cooking at home and educating children about food, but it makes me sad that there is still so much ignorance about something so integral to life.

At home we eat home cooked meals, made from scratch at least six out of seven nights a week. We grow our own fruit and vegetables in the summer. We are fortunate enough to have friends and family that share our passion for growing, preparing and eating good food – and for these things I am grateful.


It’s the beginning of the growing season, and our greenhouse is starting to offer up some seedlings which promise to provide an array of beautiful, healthy, colourful, tasty, nutrient rich vegetables throughout the next few months and I can’t wait for those first few crops of baby vegetables, eaten on a sunny day in the garden – delicious.

So, whatever you have planned this weekend, I hope you have fun and I hope you eat well and it makes you happy too.

Lucy’s Life x


Author: Lucy

A girl who, with the man she loves, is trying to life a simple, balanced life full of love and laughter, friends and fun.

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