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lucy 2

Every Monday we all need something gorgeous (pronounced: “gooorgeus”) to take a peak at because Mondays are always:

1. Too quick to come around

2. Too early

3. Too long

3. Too boring

This is me with one of Molly’s puppies. Molly is my sisters Springer Spaniel and she had the most gorgeous, healthy puppies earlier this year. They started off all sleepy with their eyes closed for the first few days and then transformed into these squeaking, wriggling, energetic balls of fun. Into everything, constantly moving until they crashed asleep after too much excitement for such small bundles. I tried to steal one and take it home, but Daniel said I wasn’t allowed. Maybe ONE day soon, pretty please????


Author: Lucy

A girl who, with the man she loves, is trying to life a simple, balanced life full of love and laughter, friends and fun.

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