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What I Believe……there is no such thing as a bad decision

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In life, almost endlessly we make decisions. Some small, some large, some that impact us for a few moments and some that last a lifetime. What drink to have in the coffee shop, what clothes to wear that day, who we spend time with, what job we do, where we live and how we live daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. I am where I am today because of all those decisions I have taken up to now. I feel very much at this point in my life that there has been no such thing as a bad decision for me.


I think is natural, through my life, especially when I was younger, I have really been hard on myself when I have felt (with hindsight) that I made a bad decision. Taking THAT job, dating THAT man, not taking THAT opportunity. Every decision molds your life and if you start to criticise yourself for having taken certain actions, you then become scared to make decisions in case you make the wrong choice. You float aimlessly. You doubt yourself and that is more dangerous that making a wrong decision. Sometimes in fact that decision was the right one for you at that time, although it may not feel like it later. Sometimes you simply didn’t have all the facts. Sometimes, you didn’t have an option. Sometimes it leads you somewhere you never imagined was possible.

I beleive and feel that there is a certain amoutn of pressure to be perfect. To be right all the time. To make all the right decisions. But to coin a cliche, you do learn from your mistakes. I am perfect, just maybe not someone elses idea of perfect.


But for me, all my decisions to this point in my life have made me stronger, more knowledgeable, more adaptable, more focussed, more aware. My life so far has been a journey of ups and downs, twists and turns and I like where I have ended up. OK, there are times still when I wonder what if……but on the whole, I’m glad I made every decision the way I did, because now I am here. Right where I want to be.




(I hope this “What I Believe” becomes a regular Friday post and that it inspires you to think about things in more detail).


Author: Lucy

A girl who, with the man she loves, is trying to life a simple, balanced life full of love and laughter, friends and fun.

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