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In August 2012, Daniel and I had a very small, intimate wedding surrounded by close friends and family. I know many people say this, but it was truly one of the best days of my life. There are many thing I love about my life with Daniel, but one of the key things that makes us work is that we have very similar values and a shared outlook on life (on most things – although, of course, there are aspects in which we are totally divided!).


I’m not sure if this is something that was there right from the start or if we have influenced each other along the way.

We both wanted something low-key, personal and all about the people we love. No fancy pants cars, no expensive bands, no flash dresses and suits – the main thing was getting everyone together to celebrate us being together. The ceremony was held in the cutest of cute tiny church in our teeny village we call home. We walked up the lane after our vows to our house with our guests and had a party in our back garden – homemade food, a local acoustic duo singing in the background, homemade elderflower champagne, laughing and singing until late and, let’s not forget, dancing on the table by my grandfather. Relaxed and informal.



My most vivid memory of the day, was standing in front of Father David and singing hymns with Daniel stood next to me trying not to laugh at my dreadful (and loud and proud) singing. My second favourite memory was right before we went to bed, sat having a drink with my new husband, cousin and grandfather after everyone else had gone home in their carriages. That moment of sitting there and thinking – wow, I couldn’t have had a better day if I tried.


????????I look back at that day, and smile. Before you get married, the big day is all you talk about. It’s consuming. Stress, excitement and nerves course through your body, yet on the day, all those little things you worried about don’t feel as important when your surrounded by the people who make your life so rich.

In life there are always thing you can look back and say that you wished you had done something different – but when I am tempted to think that, I just think, but if I had done anything different, I wouldn’t be who I am now. I wouldn’t be where I am now. I wouldn’t be with, who I am with now.

Lots of love, Lucy’s Life




Author: Lucy

A girl who, with the man she loves, is trying to life a simple, balanced life full of love and laughter, friends and fun.

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